Here’s why you’ll be more comfortable owning
quality upholstered furniture by Mayo!

The highest quality components are always used in Mayo products. Compare the major elements of construction – frame, seat cushions, spring suspension systems, padding components … we’re confident you won’t find a better value!

One of the most important parts of any upholstered furniture product is the frame. It should be obvious how important the frame is to the life of the product - yet this is where many manufacturers skimp the most. Mayo frames are constructed with furniture grade plywood and solid hardwood boards that are combined to produce one of the best frames in the industry. Mayo frames are designed by skilled technicians using state-of-the-art computer aided design (CAD) systems. Frames are precision cut using the latest computer numerical controlled (CNC) routing technology used in the furniture industry.

A high quality seat spring system is essential to long-term comfort and support. Most Mayo products feature 8 gauge sinuous wire seat springs, each connected from side to side with spring steel wire for lateral support and stability. This spring system is similar to systems use in the finest automobiles. Some models feature a drop-in coil spring seat spring system. See your Mayo price list for details on which models feature the coil spring system.


High quality seat cushion foam is a key ingredient to good looks and long lasting comfort. Mayo seat cushion foam is a 2.0 pound high density polyurethane foam. Mayo has a full polyurethane foam fabrication operation located right inside the factory so we can maintain quality assurance standards in all the polyurethane parts used in Mayo products.


Comfortable, durable arm tops feature a “half round” shaped, high density polyurethane top that will keep the arms looking sharp for years to come. Not only will the arm tops be trouble free, but you will appreciate the extra comfort when compared to arm tops that use only minimum amounts of foam padding.




Special attention is placed on the comfort of all Mayo backs. Semi-attached and loose backs are produced with an inner bag inside the cover to assure durability and comfort. The inner bag is designed with two chambers, an upper and a lower one. The chambers are separated by an inner flange that controls the thickness of the bag so it will maintain the proper shape. Having two distinct chambers keeps the fiber in place and reduces the settling effect that naturally occurs over time.



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What makes Mayo different?

CHOICE! With Mayo, you can always choose just the right frame with just the right fabric (or leather) that fits your individual taste! Select from a multitude of fabrics or leathers and a wide variety of styles all designed so that you can have your furniture just the way you want it. While much of the upholstered furniture industry has moved furniture production off shore, thereby greatly reducing choice, Mayo continues to focus on offering consumers an abundance of choice when selecting furniture for their homes.

SPEED! Mayo is dedicated to providing the fastest possible delivery. We offer one of the quickest delivery custom order programs in the industry. In as little as three weeks, custom order upholstered furniture is on it’s way from the Mayo factory to your home. And, don’t forget, Mayo furniture is made right here in the USA!

VALUE! From the very beginning, Mayo has never wavered in our effort to offer the best value in upholstered furniture. We accomplish this goal by using high quality components combined with state-of-the-art engineering. Most of the key components found in upholstered furniture aren’t obvious to the buyer but play a major role in overall comfort and long term satisfaction. Industry trends are to look for ways to eliminate costly components in an effort to reduce costs so the product can be produced as cheaply as possible and sold at the lowest possible retail price. Mayo has never shared this philosophy and has continuously looked for ways to improve the product. We never cut corners or skimp on quality components. We remain committed to our goal of providing the best value in upholstered furniture in the marketplace. Mayo has invested in high tech production equipment and personnel to assure that our products are manufactured to the highest standards. The right people, equipped with the right technology, guided by the right motivation – that’s the Mayo formula for customer satisfaction.

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